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Episode 16: Discover How Olympian Kelly Gunther Comes Back From What ‘Could Be a Tragic’ Yet ‘Turned Triumphant’ Story

“It’s not an easy road and there will be days you will not want to get out of bed and face your challenges… but through your struggles, your mess will become your message.”

This quote is from our incredibly vulnerable and raw podcast guest today, Kelly Gunther, an Olympian skater known as the Comeback Kid for all the times she has had to persevere and come back from a challenge.

Episode 15: Discover How Prison, Divorce, and a Loving Family Created More Peace and Joy With Eric Plantenberg

“Never worry about the numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

This quote by Mother Teresa is one of Eric Plantenberg’s favorites, and I now know exactly why.

While you are listening to today's guest, you will feel like you are the nearest person to him, and will be mesmerized by the wisdom he has attained from the ups and downs in his life.

Episode 13: Elizabeth Lesser, Super Soul Sunday Guest and New York Times Bestselling Author Helps Us Uncover How Birth and Death Can Be Our Greatest Teachers

Welcome to our first episode of Season 2 of the Cracking Open Podcast!

I want to pay homage to my guest today, Elizabeth Lesser. I first came across Elizabeth’s work about 11 years ago after my dad died. I was in deep grief, and someone told me about her book Broken Open. While reading it, every word made me feel like I was going to survive the death of my dad. Broken Open radically changed my life and it is my go-to gift that I give to anyone who I know is going through a difficult transition in their life.

Episode 11: Discover How Mormonism, the Tribeca Film Festival, and Yoga Helped Create One of the Only Conscious Media Companies With Trina Wyatt

Have you ever had a deep voice telling you to move cities, change your job or invent something new for the world? But you don’t know what to do to get out of your fears and into your heart?

Well, you are not alone. My guest today, Trina Wyatt, has been there several times. She is not only our teacher today on Cracking Open about following your inner voice, but she's also mixing it with degrees, experience, and being a bold woman in business.

Episode 9: Find Out How Sobriety, Telling the Truth and Hitting Padded Walls in a Therapist Office Can Set You Free With Tory Junkin

Episode 9: Find Out How Sobriety, Telling the Truth and Hitting Padded Walls in a Therapist Office Can Set You Free With Tory Junkin

As a natural-born seeker, Tory Junkin broke the mold by leaving the big city of Chicago and her family business that she was born into and expected to uphold, to live a simpler and fulfilling life in Bend, Oregon. We are so lucky to hear Tory’s brave story of facing her demons by getting sober, doing deep healing work, and not shying away from the sometimes-painful truth in order to find freedom.