Hi! I’m Molly

Therapist, Coach, Author, Speaker and Yes, Mom

I love hearing about people’s lives, stories about their families and upbringings, and what made them who they are today.

I am deeply curious. My husband often jokes that I learned more about his lifelong friend in an elevator ride than he knew after spending years with him.
I love the underneath of the underneath of a story.

What pulled you at 18 years old to take that volunteer trip to Africa instead of the senior trip to Mexico to drink tequila with friends? Why did you leave that six-figure corporate job to follow a dream of opening a barber shop for men who wanted to talk with other men about their mental health. How are you facing the grief of a loved one – a parent, a friend, or God-forbid, a child?

I love being a hand to hold for connection; a shoulder to cry on for support; an ear to listen in times of need; and a voice to provide wisdom.

After 30 years as a credentialed teacher, therapist, coach, and parent, I love knowing each of us longs for more. I love knowing it not only takes uncovering our deep feelings and experiences, but ultimately it takes connection to crack open to discover who we really are.

It is easier to live in a world covered by the plastic of busyness, parenting, and over-giving. But this way of living is no way to live.


My Journey

My profession and education encompasses being a therapist, holding a master’s degree in counseling psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Additionally, I am a life coach, published writer, podcaster and loving mom of two kids and wife to Adam.

I have been passionately working in education and mental health for 25 years. I am a seeker, a lover of life with an adventurous spirit. I have lived and traveled around the world. And I have looked at the depths of my own soul right at home, through counseling, profound happiness and grief with my relationships with family and friends.

From my journey, I have learned about facing your fears, social connection and how people heal and transform. My books, Cracking Open and Trust Within are focused around helping people know they are not alone, discovering yourself, your intuition and true transformation.

My Passion

When shit hits the fan, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich, beautiful, or famous. What matters is that you’re able to get up off the floor. Through my own experience of death and loss, I learned how to truly live.

The most hopeful part of all? All you need is already inside of YOU.

You simply need a guide who will be your biggest champion, cheerleader, accountability partner, and mentor.

Someone who you can trust and rely on.

Someone who will help you find your gold, your voice, your truth.

Someone who will remind you how special you truly are.

I was born to help YOU claim the life you were born to have.

This is why I do what I do.

I’m not here to change your life.

I’m here to help YOU change your own life.

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