Cracking Open

A Life-changing Journey to Your Best Self. Helping you find your gold.

Next 3-Month Program begins in September 2024

“Cracking open has helped me make meaningful life changes. Molly’s teachings have shown me how to harness the mind, body, and spirit connection. I have learned to reframe challenges and see a path to progress. I am supported and inspired by the amazing women in our group. As a practitioner I feel grateful for the skills I have learned and can bring to my patients and staff.”

-Megan, MD

My Mission

I believe that the true epidemic that’s impacting our mental and physical health more than anything else these days is disconnection and isolation.

In 2018, I started the Cracking Open Coaching Adventure. Ten women committed to weekly group coaching for an entire year. Not one-on-one coaching. Group coaching.

These women, as a group, explored and discovered aspects of themselves and their dreams that they had never before had access to.

The result was authentic connection and life-changing insight that had been hiding under the surface for years. This group coaching container gave them the capacity to discover how their own unhealthy patterns were limiting their potential and provided a safe space for them to dream bigger and reach further toward creating the lives they’ve always wanted.

Since then, I have facilitated multiple group coaching programs and containers, all with similar results. The methods and processes that I lead my clients through are so profoundly effective, that many clients come back again and again so they can continue to break down more barriers and elevate their dreams to even greater heights.

This is why I do what I do.
I’m not here to change your life.
I’m here to help YOU change your own life.


About the Program

• A woman who was in the corporate world, within a year left her corporate job and started her own company with money in her savings
• A woman who was struggling with her business partner found a way to heal her own trauma and therefore heal the partnership
• A stay at home mom finding her true love of acting, resulting in many parts and stared as an extra with Rene Zwillinger.

Hear from one of our own about Cracking Open

I would say that you have always fostered a safe, warm, nurturing, and supporting environment. There has been a good combination of humor, humility, introspection, and growth that has come out of each one that I’ve attended. As you know, I am always am a little uncomfortable in those types of environments and don’t like to have a lot of time for too much self reflection – but you’ve always managed to strike a great balance. I’ve also met a lot of amazing women. I’ve also enjoyed listening to your podcast, using your cracking open workbook (which I often go back to for reflection), and enjoyed reading Trust Within. You are an amazing guide who manages to provide great insights and opportunities to hit reset, sift through priorities, and have helped me gain focus moving forward in different areas of my life.

– Cady Wolf

Who is this program for?



Ways to do the Cracking Open Coaching Program

Free Coaching Webinars

  • Join Molly to discover more of you
  • Ask any question you have about life, work, parenting, relationships
  • Learn from other participants in the group in a safe, sharing environment


3 Month Program

  • Weekly 1.5-hour Live Zoom Group Sessions with 10-12 women
  • Three individual 1:1 Therapy sessions with Molly
  • Membership site with guidebooks


Why Molly?


“I work with Molly, because I trust her, and her intentions as she speaks a language of someone who is on this journey herself. I work with her because she helps you get to that vulnerable space that allows you to grow and then helps people take that energy and apply it to their business.”

- Peggy Z

Voted a top 20 Mental Health Coach by The Coach Foundation. Learn more.

Expert Collaborators

Part of the Cracking Open Program is not only the group of amazing women that come together weekly but additional speakers – experts on the things important to you for your business and personal growth. Below are a sampling of our collaborators.

Sun Yi

Sun Yi

Master Marketer, Brand & Change Maker

Heather Jones

Heather Jones

Life Coach, Nutritionist, Making Peace with Yourself

Larry Zier

Larry Zier

Occupational Therapist/Expert on Parenting and Emotional Regulation

Karen Moon

Karen Moon

Therapist, Grief Specialist

Richard Taubinger

Richard Taubinger

CEO, Conscious Marketer

Kristin Tone

Kristin Tone

Healer, Guide

Hear from some of our Cracking Open Participants

The group and Molly has provided an amazingly supportive place to really clarify what direction I truly want to head toward and it helped me get out of my own way. I can’t wait to continue to  flourish and grow with the results of what has transpired as a result of this coaching. 

- Tamara

Letting go of ideas of who I am supposed to be – and just being me. Finding out what that means and how I can move into that though Cracking Open.