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Are you struggling with a decision around your life, career, kids, or relationship?

Have you noticed you are stuck in an old habit, not exercising, being negative, or feeling like a victim in your life?

Or do you want to find a space to be vulnerable, in your heart, honest, and don't know where to turn?

AND you may have already spent tons of money and time on self-help workshops, therapy, yoga classes, podcasts, self-help books, retreats, exercise... and you STILL FEEL STUCK.

The #1 reason why people give me for why they seek me out for therapy, group coaching or speaking?

You guessed it! THEY FEEL STUCK.

You are not alone – I was there too!

I had done all these things – therapy for years, workshops with Tony Robbins, read hundreds of self-help books – heck, I even traveled to India and met the Dalai Lama!

Then I would come home and fall back into my old patterns of worrying, staying busy, and looking to others to validate whether or not I was a good person.

There was a voice in my head saying, "Molly, these are all good things but there is something strongly missing."

So I took the time and gathered all my experiences – years of therapy, self-help workshops, books, podcasts, healing circles, acupuncture, plant medicine, neuropsychology work with Dan Siegel, and travels around the world to discover the missing ingredients needed to make REAL, LONG-LASTING CHANGE.

Join me for a free coaching session on November 7th.

DATE: Tuesday, January 16th
TIME: 10 am PT - 11 am PT

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