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Episode 55: Raise Your Vibration With La DoubleJ Fashion Designer J.J. Martin

On a sunny afternoon, as I sat on my deck, immersed in reading Oprah Magazine, a
captivating article "How to Love Yourself When You Feel Your Worst" caught my attention. It wasn't just the title that drew me in, but the vibrant, colorful woman gracing the page beneath it. There she stood, in a tiger-printed dress, hands reaching out to the sky, exuding vitality, joy, and boundless possibilities for life.

I read the article which beautifully unfolded the story of J.J. Martin, an American-born, Milan-based fashion designer who discovered her inner light during the darkest days of the pandemic.

Episode 54: Serena and Lily Co-Founder Serena Dugan on Following Your Gut

Serena is a beacon of change, living a life filled with authenticity and creativity. She is an artist and textile designer based in Sausalito, California. With an education in both Psychology and Fine Art, Serena has spent the past 20 years developing her mark as a painter, product designer, and Chief Creative Officer of Serena & Lily, the home and lifestyle brand she founded in 2004.

Episode 53: How To Be the Architect of Your Life With Anthropologist Wade Davis

Today we are kicking off Season 6 of the Cracking Open podcast with a powerful message from legendary explorer, writer, photographer, filmmaker, and storyteller, Wade Davis.

Wade's incredible journey takes us from the Amazon and The Andes, where he spent over three years as a plant explorer among 15 indigenous groups, to Haiti, where he investigated folk preparations tied to the creation of zombies and authored The Serpent and the Rainbow. His explorations have taken him to numerous destinations, including East Africa, Borneo, Nepal, Peru, Polynesia, Tibet, and beyond. We delve into his upbringing and how it influenced his career choices, including anthropology, rituals, and psychedelic experiences with renowned figures like Richard Schulte and Andrew Weil.

Episode 51: Casey Hammer is Facing Trauma With the Truth

Casey Hammer is the granddaughter of Dr. Armand Hammer, renowned industrialist and philanthropist, and the aunt of the famous actor Armie Hammer, known for his role in critically acclaimed and blockbuster movies such as Call Me By Your Name and The Social Network.

Casey blew the lid off of multi-generational shocking family secrets when she released her tell-all autobiography, Surviving My Birthright, in 2015. After remaining silent for much of her life about the abuse and unimaginable trauma that she endured at the hands of her own family, she knew that the only path to healing was through speaking up and speaking out.

Episode 50: Discovering Your Dharma With Suneel Gupta

Suneel Gupta is an author and visiting scholar at Harvard Medical School who studies the most extraordinary people on the planet to discover and share simple, actionable habits to lift our performance and deepen our daily sense of purpose. His work has been featured by major outlets including CNBC, TED, and the New York Times. His newest book, Everyday Dharma: 8 Essential Practices for Finding Success and Joy in Everything You Do, was released in September and shares ancient wisdom, reimagined for modern times, as he helps us bring career goals and inner peace into harmony through tiny, everyday habits.

Episode 49: Lisa Congdon on Bringing Truth, Joy, and Creativity to Life

Our podcast guest today, Lisa Congdon, is a shining example of how to use your creativity to find and express your authentic self.

Lisa is an award-winning fine artist, illustrator, and writer who is widely accomplished despite being self-taught and not achieving career momentum until she was nearly 40 years old.

Based in Portland, Oregon, she now makes art for clients around the globe, including Target, Amazon, Google, Warby Parker, The Library of Congress, and MoMA. Oh, and by the way, she has also authored ten (!) books.

Episode 48: Sam Onche, Nigerian Illustrator, Teaches Us About Music, Culture, and Afrofuturism

One morning I opened an email from my literary agency and saw that they were featuring a young artist by the name of Sam Onche. I was instantly captivated by his illustrations filled with bold colors, expressive images, and intense facial expressions. They gave me chills all over my body!

I knew immediately that I wanted to meet him and hear more about his story. So I invited him to come on the Cracking Open podcast, and I'm so deeply pleased that he said yes.

Episode 47: Jeff Grant on Faith, Service and Sobriety

Over 20 million people are suffering right now from substance abuse, often in silence. This secrecy around addiction creates shame which then increases the addiction, which then increases the shame.

This vicious cycle can only be broken if we first break the stigma of addiction and the silence and shame that perpetuates it. This week's guest on the Cracking Open podcast is Reverend Jeff Grant, and he's here to do just that.