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Do you believe in synchronicity? Our guest today on the Cracking Open podcast embodies the essence of serendipity.

I first encountered Samantha Myer in a Venice, California coffee shop and was drawn to her stylish and distinctive coat/robe/sweater ensemble. Little did I know, her story transcends mere fashion.

Based in Los Angeles, Samantha is a celebrated wardrobe stylist, designer, and the creative force behind Samantha Myer Studio. She’s renowned for the iconic Papa Sweater, a blend of blanket, sweater, and comforting embrace that I personally adore.

Samantha’s career spans from styling ad campaigns and red carpets to showcasing her designs at New York Fashion Week. Her work has graced the pages of The New York Times,, Cosmopolitan, Elle France, and GQ. In 2014, Samantha made waves in fashion with “Leather Stems” – leather thigh- high stirrups that transform ankle boots into thigh-highs. Launched at Intermix Stores nationwide, this innovation marked a pivotal moment in her journey, leading to collaborations with celebrities such as Alicia Keys.

Beyond her professional achievements, Samantha’s designs and identity are deeply shaped by losing her father at a young age. This experience sparked her involvement with A Caring Hand, a non-profit supporting bereaved children. Samantha’s compassion for these young hearts has driven her to use her platform for advocacy and awareness.

In our conversation, Samantha emerges as a captivating storyteller, effortlessly blending poignant reflections on grief with delightful anecdotes from her life, including friendships with icons like Lindsay Lohan. Her journey underscores powerful life lessons about embracing dreams with courage and authenticity.


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