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As a natural-born seeker, Tory Junkin broke the mold by leaving the big city of Chicago and her family business that she was born into and expected to uphold, to live a simpler and fulfilling life in Bend, Oregon.  We are so lucky to hear Tory’s brave story of facing her demons by getting sober, doing deep healing work, and not shying away from the sometimes-painful truth in order to find freedom.

She has found a way to make her life an expression of philanthropy, which she defines as “the love of humanity.” Tory has discovered she enjoys doing foundation work with her mom and sister and finding a lot of joy in seeing her dad’s legacy benefit others. Her philanthropic work supports helping women in India stay out of the sex trade business, Planned Parenthood, new policies to support sustainability and the environment, and help alleviate some of the challenges families face with a child who has cerebral palsy, a cause very close to Tory’s her heart.

As a woman, mother, wife, meditator, Sufi healer, Oregonian, privileged, cis-gendered, sober, friend, and lastly, but most importantly, french bulldog lover Tory enlightens us all on what she describes as “waking the fuck up” in order to step into your life to ultimately find more truth, freedom, and love!

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