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On a sunny afternoon, as I sat on my deck, immersed in reading Oprah Magazine, a captivating article “How to Love Yourself When You Feel Your Worst” caught my attention. It wasn’t just the title that drew me in, but the vibrant, colorful woman gracing the page beneath it. There she stood, in a tiger-printed dress, hands reaching out to the sky, exuding vitality, joy, and boundless possibilities for life.

I read the article which beautifully unfolded the story of J.J. Martin, an American-born, Milan-based fashion designer who discovered her inner light during the darkest days of the pandemic. Two sentences, in particular, stood out to me:

“Cracking open one spiritual window back in 2014 gave me a deep itch to discover the whole glorious mansion within.”

“So, a lot has cracked open from these energy eggs I fertilized.”

Of course I had to invite her on the Cracking Open podcast, right?? JJ agreed to the interview, and we met on the Winter Solstice, a moment that felt nothing short of serendipitous. What transpired during our conversation was pure alchemical magic.

J.J. Martin holds the titles of Creative Commander and Chief Spiritual Officer at La DoubleJ, a thriving fashion and homeware business. A California native, she arrived in Milan in 2001, spending 17 years as a journalist, contributing to various international publications and uncovering Italy’s finest treasures as a contributing editor for Harper’s Bazaar (US), WSJ. Magazine, and Wallpaper. Throughout this journey, she refined her aesthetic sensibilities and forged connections with creative minds in fashion, interiors, art, design, and architecture.

In 2015, J.J. launched La DoubleJ, a shoppable magazine with a dual purpose: to showcase her collection of vintage clothing and to celebrate Milan’s glamorous women and legendary housewives. Fueled by J.J.’s maximalist energy, La DoubleJ soared, offering original collections characterized by feel-good fashion, effortless glamour, and a vintage twist. It also introduced immersive retail experiences, engaging collaborations, and stories on living the elegant Italian lifestyle and nurturing one’s well-being through spirituality.

Over the past two decades in Italy, a place she describes as her “first major spiritual teacher”, J.J. has cultivated a vibrant community of healers, educators, and soul workers, deepening her spiritual practice and becoming a trusted resource in the realm of spirituality and wellness.

As a devoted yoga practitioner for more than 20 years and a profound empath, J.J. honed her multi-sensory skills through extensive energy training over the past decade. With over 15 wellness workshops hosted online and in La DoubleJ’s Milan grotta, covering topics ranging from “Activating your Divine DNA” to “Activating your Psychic Ability”, J.J. has also curated immersive multi-day retreats in Spain, Egypt, and Italy.

In January 2022, she introduced “Spirit Tickle”, a digital newsletter offering spiritual insights, advice, and techniques to those eager to expand their understanding. Her “Raise Your Vibration” toolkits adorn a wide range of products, from scarves to t-shirts, even full floor-to-ceiling panels in her retail stores. Notably, in October 2023, J.J. published her exceptionally beautiful book “Mamma Milano” — a must-read or must-order for anyone captivated by its allure.

All these facets of J.J.’s life reflect her genuine passions, seamlessly woven into a unique lifestyle brand that encourages women to discover joy within and without. In this episode, our conversation goes beyond fashion, fabrics, and design, taking a profound dive into her personal journey and how embracing vulnerability led her on a spiritual path. We explore topics not limited to the pleasant aspects of life but also delve into how to keep your heart open during challenging times and how to heal from loss and disappointments, especially when life doesn’t unfold as expected.

I invite you to approach J.J.’s wisdom with an open heart. Her insights, though possibly new to you, have the potential to profoundly impact your life. J.J.’s business and life mantra revolves around “raising the vibration”. She is the perfect evangelist for this cause, and on this episode of Cracking Open, she shares her unique, heartfelt perspective.

As she eloquently stated in Oprah magazine, “My empathic and clairsentient skills have helped me understand that I know pain as deeply as I know joy, and both can be of service to people.”



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