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Why is it that January is one of the most popular times to ask ourselves questions like, “What needs to change in my life?” or “How do I want the end of this year to look different from today?”

It is questions like these, about change and self-evolution, that I have been hearing from my clients for many years (and have asked myself as well!). This inspired me to ask Serena Dugan to be our guest on the Cracking Open Podcast today.

Serena is a beacon of change, living a life filled with authenticity and creativity. She is an artist and textile designer based in Sausalito, California. With an education in both Psychology and Fine Art, Serena has spent the past 20 years developing her mark as a painter, product designer, and Chief Creative Officer of Serena & Lily, the
home and lifestyle brand she founded in 2004.

In 2020, Serena launched Serena Dugan Studio, her eponymous collection of fabrics and wallpapers. Serena’s art-driven textiles draw inspiration from around the world, from the breezy jet-set spirit of Capri in the 50s to the tribal basket weaving traditions in South America, to the colorful abstract mid-century architecture found in Mexico City. Serena weaves together global references and textile traditions to create her unique statement. Most recently, Serena collaborated with Erik Lindstrom to create a line of rugs inspired by her artwork.

In my conversation with Serena, we delve deep into topics ranging from finding your creativity, trusting your instincts when making decisions, letting go of your ego, and coping with the loss of a loved one. This episode is not only profound and truthful but also a reminder that creativity resides within all of us if we remain open to the idea that life is not stagnant, change is inevitable, and trusting our instincts can make life feel vital and alive.

Serena not only shares her passion for painting and being an artist but also the value of making mistakes, starting over, and understanding that our achievements do not define who we are. She lovingly reminds us all –

“At the end of my days, I’m not going to look back on Serena and Lily and think that is my greatest success. I’m not going to look back on my textile collection and say, that is what I’m most proud of. At the end of the day, it’s the people that I’m surrounded by that give life meaning. The rest of this is just our path to love.”




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