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This will probably be the hardest newsletter I will write about a Cracking Open podcast guest, and I avoided doing it for as long as I possibly could because I didn’t want to face my heartbreak.

My honored guest today is Mark Dahir, the CEO of Heart Ministry Center, a non-profit organization based in Omaha. Their mission is to provide healthcare, food, and a way forward for people severely affected by poverty, and Mark had an unquestionably positive impact on the company, its employees, and the community they serve over the many years he was a part of it.

Mark and I had our deeply heartfelt conversation, which you can hear on the podcast today, back in May.

On August 3rd, just 3 weeks ago, Mark suddenly and unexpectedly died from a massive heart attack.

He was a healthy and active 48-year-old man, a loving father to his daughter Whitney, a loyal son and friend, and a mentor to his sober community. His death has left his friends and family shocked and saddened. At his funeral, it was frequently said that Mark gave
all of his heart to everyone he met.

He certainly has left a huge hole in the hearts of all whose lives he touched, including mine.

My wish for this episode is to honor Mark’s life. You will hear his story about his complicated past of addiction, mental health, and serving time. You will also hear his joy and sense of purpose as he talks about fatherhood, truth, redemption, God, service, sobriety, and hope for himself and those he mentored along the way.

Mark lived every day with intention and passion. He embodied Heart Ministry Center’s guiding motto – Dignity for All – and the organization’s core values of compassion,
community, accountability, and excellence. He impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people.

It is an honor to have this conversation recorded. My biggest hope is to give his daughter, family, and friends a place to land when they are deeply missing Mark’s deep voice, prophetic wisdom, unending energy for change and growth, and most importantly to remember Mark’s main motto in life – be a humble worker of the heart.



For more information about Heart Ministry Center, its mission, and its resources, please visit:



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