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More and more these days, I find myself drawn to people who are doing inspiring and brave things in the world but whose journeys along the way came with challenges, hardships, and “cracking open” moments that developed their characters, passions, and souls.

Today’s guest is a beautiful example of this.

Larry Zier is a father of four girls, a loving husband, and a successful owner of two occupational therapy clinics in Chicago and Omaha. His passion is working with children, and he enjoys running, biking, yoga, boxing, and anything that will get him outside. His life is full of joy, love, and success.

It wasn’t always this way, however. His peace has been hard-earned.

Larry’s father died when he was in high school. This traumatic event catapulted him into a life of drinking and drugs – not only to numb the pain of losing his father but also to cope with his feelings of shame, anxiety, and loneliness.

The years of his addiction brought many wake-up calls including a party with a heroin-addicted grandson of a famous Hollywood star and getting a DUI. Finally, he forced himself to get sober, and through his journey back to sobriety, found his own voice and was finally able to face the grief of losing his father. From this space of clarity and healing came a deep calling to help children and families.

Larry earned his clinical doctorate and became an occupational therapist to work with children in an area that is little understood and certainly underserved. He now helps children achieve their highest potential physically, emotionally, and socially. His approach is to treat each child individually, always keeping their unique strengths and differences in mind. He strongly believes in the role of family involvement, as well as collaboration with caregivers, teachers, and other professionals, as integral to a child’s growth and overall success.

In this episode, Larry teaches us that true connection comes from learning how to regulate your nervous system. He even helps me navigate a challenging incident with my daughter in real time!

Join me as Larry helps us all realize that life (and parenting!) is truly about connection instead of compliance, teaches us how to repair when there is a rupture, and guides us toward the power of presence we all experience when we have the courage to embrace the truth in our hearts.


Love, Molly


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