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Welcome to Season 4 of the Cracking Open podcast! 

I am so excited to share with you all the wonderful guests we have lined up this season. Get ready for more incredible personal stories about cracking open moments, helpful tips and tools on how to handle the stressors of parenting, a deep look into how we can heal anxiety,  wisdom on how to live an honest and healthy life after addiction, and so much more! 

We are kicking off this new season with Linda Sivertsen, a woman whom I have admired and learned from for many years – not only as an accomplished writer, but as a mom, woman, and fellow soul seeker.

Linda always wanted to be a writer. And even though she was in the bottom third of her class academically, she had a dream one night where she saw herself as a writer of several books. That was all the encouragement that this dreamer needed to persevere through her old stories of not being good enough.

Today Linda Sivertsen is known throughout the world as “Book Mama”.  She is a book proposal doctor, author whisperer, agent connector, idea-fairy, and huge-hearted cheerleader of creativity for writers of all genres–and every gold-plated publishing dream. In the past twenty-four years, she has authored & co-authored eleven books. Her titles have won awards and hit all the lists as an author, co-author, and former magazine editor and ghostwriter.

Not only is Linda a midwife of 6- & 7-figure book deals at her bi-monthly writing retreats in Carmel, but she is also the host of the top-ranked Beautiful Writers Podcast, a favorite stop for writers on tour.

Throughout all of this incredible work in the literary field, Linda’s driving force has been to publish sustainably. Naïve and optimistic enough to believe in magic, she’s on a mission to save forests via her role as a Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Ambassador.

Her work has been featured on CNN, E!, Extra, The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, the NY Post, the International Business Times, NY Post, Family Circle, Teen Vogue, The Huffington Post, and on the TEDWomen stage.

Tune in to this inspiring and soul-searching conversation with Linda, as she shares with us the importance of finding your “why” in life, and how to move past your fears so you can follow your dreams. 


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