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Have you ever had a conversation with someone you just met, where time seems to come to a standstill and it feels like you have known this person for years? This is exactly what it felt like when I interviewed Tami Simon.

Tami is the Founder and CEO of Sounds True, a wildly successful multimedia publishing company that she launched more than three decades ago with a dream and one clear mission – to disseminate spiritual wisdom. Now one of the top publishing companies for many of the leading teachers and visionaries of our time, Tami and her team of more than 110 employees are accomplishing their mission to wake up the world.

Sounds True now has the world’s largest living library of transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation.

Tami is not only creating shifts in consciousness through her life’s work, however. She actually embodies what it means to live a life of awakening and transformation in her own personal journey which she intimately shares with us in this week’s podcast.

In fact, Tami admitted to me that this was one of the most intimate interviews she has ever given. Not only do we talk about the “why” behind her creation of Sounds True, but we also take a deep dive into her marriage, and discuss one of her deepest desires – to have soul freedom and help others discover their pure potential.

This episode also held deep personal meaning for me. When my dad died in 2011, and again with my mom’s death in 2019, there were days I had to drag myself out of bed. Yet even in those darkest of times, I was intuitively drawn to Sounds True’s website time and time again. I always felt comforted as I clicked on their website, looking for support and solace in my grief.

I have continued to turn to Sounds True when I find myself asking the bigger questions about my existence in this life, or even simply searching for tools to help my clients in the Cracking Open Coaching Program.

Sounds True not only provides free resources, online courses, in-depth programs, and events, but it is also the home of many best-selling and beloved authors such as Pema Chödrön, Danielle LaPorte, Marianne Williamson, and Eckhart Tolle. Their newest endeavor is the recent launch of Sounds True One – an online membership that provides access to life-changing teachings and resources to support a soul-filled life.

I have an immense amount of gratitude for this incredible library of spiritual resources that Tami Simon has helped bring into the world, and it is an absolute honor to share her story and life’s journey with you all today.

May her words, stories, and wisdom launch you into 2023 with an open heart, the courage to make any changes you may need or desire, and the deep knowing that you are never alone.


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