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How many of you look at your legs and bellies, and curse them for their shapes and sizes?

Do you feel shame about your body in any way, or restrict what you do or don’t eat?

Do you worry about eating dairy, gluten, sugar, or meat, and wonder if you should be on a vegan, vegetarian, or keto diet?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. An estimated 45 million people go on diets yearly, and 33 billion dollars are spent on weight loss and wellness products.

This is why we need the voice and wisdom of today’s guest Heather K. Jones – so we can all learn to accept and love our bodies and lifestyles.

Heather is a registered dietitian, New York Times author, and wellness guide. In today’s episode, she shares her raw and vulnerable story about how her own restrictive and destructive relationship with food kept her in fear of what she ate and created an unhealthy relationship with her body and food.

This disconnection from her body led Heather to numb her feelings with drugs and alcohol, and ultimately caused her to feel hopeless and suicidal.

Then one day Heather had a “come to Jesus” moment where she knew she had to change her negative thoughts, relationship with food, and hatred of her body… or she might die.

In this deeply authentic episode, Heather teaches us how to be honest with ourselves and become aware of the constant critical loop in our brains that is energetically creating a low vibration, which is in turn depleting our bodies physically, mentally, and spiritually.

She shares with us that “your relationship with food is a good reflection of your relationship with yourself.  Because how you nourish your body is very reflective of how you nourish yourself.”

Heather’s personal and professional story will give you hope and support around how to cultivate a loving relationship with your body.

She provides wisdom on how our suffering is actually not even about the food itself, but about creating self-love and looking deeper inside our traumas to find out what is going on inside of us, instead of always focusing on the outside of our bodies.

My hope is that the next time you look at your body after listening to Heather’s episode, you realize it is not the size of your legs that defines you, but the deep healing of your soul that is your true power.


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