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Have you ever had a moment when you know you are in the presence of a true sage?  Well, that is exactly how I felt in the presence of Scott Anderson.

In today’s episode, Scott will openly share about his family’s three generations’ struggle with alcohol and drug addiction, and how these addictions can not only cause deep suffering, but also profound humility and grace.

Scott not only openly talks about his “cracking open” moments but also shares with us how his personal story has brought so much more depth to his professional life.

Scott built 3 for-profit businesses, including an agency that he ran for over 25 years and later sold to his employees. He has combined his business acumen with his experience as a licensed mental health therapist to establish the not-for-profit,, which develops and deploys leading-edge PTSD treatment technology in partnership with Tel Aviv University and the Israeli government.

Scott’s experience in business is matched by his premier training in coaching and therapy. He trained at the preeminent Coaches Training Institute and is certified by the International Coaching Federation (IFC).

He also graduated summa cum laude with a master’s degree from the University of Nebraska School of Clinical Counseling.

Yes, Scott has all the degrees and accolades but, in the end, this sage teaches us that what matters most in life is making a daily choice around asking yourself one question, “How am I going to live knowing everything one day is going to go away?”

Today I would invite you to live by soaking in Scott’s story about sobriety, survival, and most importantly love.

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