“Motherhood: All love begins and ends there.” Robert Browning

Being a mother is a huge part of my being and effects most of my decisions and choices everyday . I have two children, Tommy who is 7 and Cora who is 5. They are my “loves” they fill me up and also drain my cup. When I am around them my heart has never felt more alive and it is also my heart that wants to scream when they are driving me crazy, which happens at least once a day. This is being a mother.

I wanted to share with you two videos that I have come across this week. Get out the Kleenex.

I saw this video on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Facebook page, yes the infamous Eat, Pray, Love Elizabeth, and I just had to share. What a beautiful woman Robin Lim is to dedicate her life to birth and women.

The Gift of Robin Lim


This second video is a bit more heart wrenching. It is about a father and son in Syria. I have been reading about Syria, but have to also admit I am someone who can go about my day and not think about the crisis in Syria.

I will read a headline or quote, like 1 Million Refugee Children Have Fled War-Torn Syria from the Huffington Post and have to stop to catch my breath. But I also wake up, have my coffee, play with my kids, go to work, go to yoga, spend time with friends, bla de bla bla and not think about Syria.

So when I came across this video I watched it in a place as a mother watching a father with his son. Remembering that it does not matter where you live, how you live, or what your life circumstances are the love for your children is universal and they are forever in your heart. Watch here.

So today be in the heart, let it crack open and feel connected to another near and far.