Retreats with Molly Carroll

Molly Carroll have a true gift for creating “safe spaces” where she facilitates life-altering, supportive and inspirational retreats. Her masterful intuitive skill is the bedrock upon which her remarkable results are produced. “Cracking Open” and letting light into parts of your soul is a courageous act. Doing so unleashes the possibility of becoming more of the person you’ve always imagined and wished for yourself but have heretofore been inhibited in knowing, seeing, feeling or expressing. With Molly at your side, miracles are not only possible but probable. In my life’s journey, I’ve not met a finer partner, guide and coach to journey with.



My retreats are for YOU.  It is time for you to rejuvenate and nourish your body and soul. In my retreats you will open up physically through yoga, emotionally through going deeper into what is holding you back from your authentic self, and spiritually through meditation and mindfulness techniques. Your retreat will include days of therapeutic tools that will guide you to a deeper way of living a healthier lifestyle, yoga, writing, nutrition, being in nature, creativity, and access to, all of you while building a supportive community of women to feel safe to transform to become your best self.  You deserve this gift to restore your body, mind and spirit to its purest form.