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“Believe in yourself, follow your gut, and never say never, you have no idea what you can do.” 

These words of hope and inspiration from Mary Celeste Beall, mother of five children and proprietor of the Blackberry farm, are what we all need to hear during the holiday season.

In 2016, Mary Celeste Beall’s life took an unexpected turn when she lost her beloved husband, Sam, in a shocking ski accident. Just weeks later, her professional life also transformed when she was asked by her beloved father-in-law to be the proprietor of the legendary Blackberry Farm and Blackberry Mountain resorts, a position Sam had occupied for years.

Mary Celeste initially joined her late husband, Sam, as he spearheaded Blackberry Farm into a renowned food, wine, and wellness destination. In her role as Proprietor, Mary Celeste, alongside her father-in-law, Sandy, and the Blackberry team, played a pivotal role in the creation and opening of Blackberry Mountain. It has since become a haven for preservation and personal exploration in relaxation, wellness, and adventure.

Under Mary Celeste’s leadership, the Blackberry brand has received numerous accolades, including three James Beard Awards for Best Chef—Southeast, Outstanding Wine Program, and Outstanding Service for Blackberry Farm. Additionally, Blackberry Farm was named Bon Appétit’s No. 1 Hotel for Food Lovers, while Blackberry Mountain has garnered recognition from ELLE Décor Travel A-List as the Best New Hotel, Hideaway Report as Hideaway of the Year, and inclusion in Travel + Leisure’s It List for best new hotels in the world.

In today’s episode, you will hear how Mary Celeste has not only been highly successful as the proprietor of Blackberry Farm and Blackberry Mountain but also excels at being open-hearted and honest about her emotions.

Mary Celeste begins the conversation by sharing her vulnerability, shedding tears as she discusses a loved one who is hurting. This leads us to the story of her grief over losing her beloved Sam and her journey as a solo mom to five kids.

The episode also explores how to keep loved ones alive in memories, stories, and laughter while allowing oneself to feel new love. It emphasizes that life is meant to be lived in connection with others, even when experiencing the loss of a deep love and father to your children.

This episode goes beyond Mary Celeste’s roles as a mom, proprietor, and widow. It delves into her life as a passionate and creative woman, known for her humor and hope.

Despite almost canceling the interview on an “off” day, Mary Celeste’s decision to proceed teaches us that it’s possible to hold the emotions of grief and joy in the same moment. By allowing all our emotions to be expressed, we create deeper connections with others—a meaningful gift during this holiday season.

Mary Celeste’s story of moving through loss to find strength and purpose is nothing short of inspiring.

Tune in to this episode to be inspired by Mary Celeste Beall’s remarkable journey of resilience, hope, and embracing the full spectrum of emotions.

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