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On today’s podcast, we hear from trailblazer, Ann Schatz – the first female sports broadcaster in the Portland area and the voice of the National Women’s Soccer League team, the Portland Thorns. Ann recalls the love and never-ending support from her parents and five siblings as they encouraged her to pursue her dreams as an athlete. She tells us about the pain of losing her parents while maintaining a secret so deep she was afraid to reveal it to anyone. Having been unconditionally supported growing up, Ann was able to pull deep from her soul to still hear her mom and dad – you can do anything, just be committed – as she pursued her passion in a male-dominated field. Hear about how fans, viewers, athletes, and coaches dealt with this new and non-traditional voice in sports.

Settle in and listen to Ann’s amazing journey, her secret revealed, and the path she forged for women in sports broadcasting.

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