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Are you someone who is curious about who you are?

You want to learn how to feel more connected to your friends, family, and even yourself.

You are yearning to dig deeper to discover what motivates you to live a bigger life.

Or maybe you are searching for how to stand back up after being brought to your knees from hearing about a dear friend’s illness or constantly worrying about your teenage kids.

Well, you are not alone. In fact, we are kindred spirits.

I have been this way my whole life.  I have always been super curious, not only about my own personality but about everyone around me.

My sister once told me that when I was in 6th grade, I wrote her a letter from camp saying I was sitting on my bunk thinking about what I wanted to be when I grew up.

What? At summer camp?

You mean I wasn’t writing about the awful food, water balloon fights, or crushes I had on the boys in the cabin next door?

Nope, I was pondering my greater existence.  Those who know me well may be thinking “ah yes, I am not surprised”.

If you find yourself pondering about your own existence, you will be very excited about this week’s guest on the Cracking Open Podcast.

Ashton Whitmoyer-Ober is a community psychologist, speaker, and certified Enneagram educator. She is also the author of Enneagram for Relationships, The Two of Us: A Three-Year Couples Journal and The Enneagram Made Simple.

With a desire to see relationships strengthened and people empowered, she created Enneagram Ashton in early 2019.

You may be asking yourself – what is the Enneagram?

Ashton shares with us this incredible ancient system that will not only help you strengthen your relationships but also help you not take things so personally in life.

Because as we know (but it is so hard to remember), nothing is really personal.

Ashton and I not only talk about the Enneagram system and how it can help you make better decisions, live a healthier life, and step into your powerful self with boundaries and love, but we also dive into her own personal “cracking open moment” and how it led her to be the compassionate and badass woman and mother she is today.

So give yourself this time to take a walk, a drive, or make a cup of tea and listen to Ashton’s wisdom around the Enneagram to learn and love more about your true self.



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