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Have you ever had a moment in your life where you met someone and instantly knew that interaction or conversation would change you forever?

That is what happened to me when I met this week’s podcast guest, Kelly Pascuzzi, and will happen to you while listening to this week’s episode.

Kelly’s “cracking open moment” story is deeply heartbreaking and also hopeful, loving, and full of forgiveness.

In fact, Kelly turned her story into a Hollywood feature film called The Ravine, which she co-produces and features star actors Eric Dane and Peter Facinelli.

The film weaves the story of how Kelly’s existence was shattered due to a horrendous crime.  In the wake of that tragedy, Kelly and her husband Robert were led on a spiritual journey that challenged their core beliefs.  Compelled to share their lessons on hope, faith, and forgiveness, The Ravine was born and will be in theaters on May 6th. 

She is not only a film producer, but also an entrepreneur, philanthropist, mom to 3 amazing boys, and a life and results mentor.

Kelly is a creative, incredibly intelligent, hard-working, and successful woman who teaches us all to lead with the heart.  And that is exactly what you will experience when you listen to her interview.

She tells her story with so much grace. Her energy is full of calm and forgiveness, and she teaches us all that we can take any tragedy and turn it into a life lesson.

So bring your heart to this one because Kelly is going to crack it wide open.


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