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On this week’s podcast, we hear from the incredible Sadie Lincoln, co-founder, and CEO of barre3, a fitness company with over 170 franchises focused on teaching people to be balanced in body and empowered from within.

According to Sadie, every single part of her life has been cracked open. Starting with her unconventional childhood of being raised by her mom and a group of single mothers who she called her “aunties,” to weathering her husband’s cancer during a global pandemic.

In this episode, we talk about everything from how she handles external chaos by always staying rooted in her body with what she knows to be real, to facing childhood trauma with compassion and being with a good therapist.

Sadie dropped so many profound insights in this interview that after only a few minutes of talking with her, I joked that we could end the podcast right there.

She also shares how her time in the traditional educational institution of UCLA helped inspire her to create her own learning methodology, which ultimately led to the founding of her company barre3.

Sadie is on Inc.’s Female Founders 100 list, has been featured on NPR’s How I Built This and speaks regularly on the topics of mindful leadership, the power of body wisdom, and the movement to redefine what success in fitness means.

Her kids might be her biggest teachers, but Sadie is a pretty inspirational teacher in her own right.

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