Molly Carroll helps you get unstuck

Let’s CRACK OPEN together to accomplish all your goals to live the life you know you were meant to live!


Here you are facing another year to accomplish your dreams, hopes, and goals. Even with a fresh start, there are still areas of your life that need to crack open to heal. It may be your relationships, weight, career or overall passion and purpose in life. These areas need support to resolve and heal for personal and professional success. You are not mediocre you have a soul that needs to fly. I have put together Cracking Open packages to take you to your next level of success. Step into the new you by Cracking Open with one-on-one packages. Each session will revolve around one of your goals or behaviors that you are looking deeper into for transformation.

As you face time passing by you may be reflecting on your life. You may be asking yourself questions such as:

  • Have I accomplished all my personal, professional and financial goals?
  • Am I feeling a sense of purpose and truth in my life?
  • Do I feel alive in my body?
  • Do I have a spiritual connection to the world I live in?

I invite you to look deeper into where you need to grow to reach all your goals. 

I have had the honor to support many people make a change in their lives and learn why we make choices and retain habits that are no longer serve us.

Through my experience as a licensed therapist, published author, coach to executives, and advisor to companies like Apple, LinkedIn, Delta Dental, and A23, I have developed a coaching program that involves:

  • Two One-on-one individual sessions per month.
  • Two Group video sessions per month.
  • Guidebooks to help you grow deeper in your personal and professional life.

I will work with you to:

Keep you accountable with a firm hand and a loving heart.

Customize a step-by-step program guided by your individual, personal, and professional goals.

Accomplish that one goal that has been calling to you for years.

Book A Complimentary Cracking Open Breakthrough session today.

“Working with Molly is like working with five coaches in one! She helps me help myself in every major pillar of life – personal, professional, spiritual, physical, and mental. She calls me out, she cheers me on, she offers impactful advice, she challenges me to think differently, and she reinforces through it all that I love myself and have compassion for others. Working with her has been the wisest decision I’ve made in a very long time and people around me are seeing a positive transformation. My investment of time and money is beyond well spent with Molly.”

~ Carrie Fabris, Founder of Career Frame